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Wyelands Bank makes Asset Finance appointment



Wyelands Bank has appointed Jim Higginbotham as managing director, asset finance. 

Jim will focus on developing Wyelands Bank’s asset finance offering to provide firms with greater access to the most appropriate funding.  His appointment is part of the bank’s strategy to help manufacturing and industrial businesses to trade and grow through the right combination of simple but specialist finance solutions. 

Since opening for business on 21 December 2016, Wyelands Bank has grown rapidly.  Total assets rose from £24 million to in excess of £600 million in its first twelve months.  Since April 2017, the bank’s interest earning asset book grew on average by around £30 million per month. 

Jim Higginbotham, managing director, asset finance, at Wyelands Bank, said, “Wyelands Bank is setting its stall out as a bank that makes sure it understands its customers’ businesses so it can help them to grow."

 Iain Hunter, CEO at Wyelands Bank, said, “At Wyelands Bank, we get to know and understand our customers and provide them with access to decisions makers from day one.  Getting under the skin our customers’ businesses in this way means we ultimately help them to trade, grow and create jobs."

 Jim has spent 27 years in the finance industry.  His career has covered commercial banking, investment banking, wealth management, asset and invoice finance.  Before joining Wyelands Bank, Jim was previously at Lombard, initially as head of risk, and then as managing director of corporate specialist sales.  Prior to that he was head of risk at GE Commercial Finance, and he was most recently managing director and co-owner at Specialist Asset Finance.


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